Parent registration

Step 1 of 10 (Scheme)

Enter the following information:

  • Employer Scheme Reference Number: this may already have been entered, but if it has not and you do not know it, please contact one of our Customer Service Representatives on 0845 002 1111
  • Your payroll number: please contact your employer if you do not know this
  • National Insurance number: please contact your employer if you do not know this
  • Security code: enter the letters and numbers as shown

Click ‘Next’ to verify your employer and scheme details. If these are correct, click ‘Next’ again otherwise click ‘Back’. Click ‘Cancel’ if you do not wish to register now.

Step 2 of 10 (Eligibility)

Enter the following information:

  • Date of Birth: enter your date of birth – day/month/year
  • Gross income: your income before tax is deducted. Consult your HR department if you do not know this. Also select how often you are paid: choose from weekly, two weekly, four weekly, monthly, quarterly, half yearly and annually
  • How much would you like to sacrifice per pay period?: enter the amount in pounds that you would like to sacrifice from your pre-tax salary. The maximum amount you can sacrifice depends on how often you are paid, as follows:

    How often you are paid

    Maximum salary sacrifice amount (£)



    Two weekly


    Four weekly






    Half yearly




  • Hours you are contracted to work, per week: as defined in your contract
  • Are you opted out of the State 2nd Pension?: this is otherwise known as SERPS or S2P. Most people are not opted out of the State 2nd pension; however, if you are in any doubt, speak to your employer

Click ‘Calculate eligibility’ and you will be presented with your age, the current minimum wage for your age, your hourly rate before the salary sacrifice and the effective rate following the salary sacrifice. Your new hourly rate following the salary sacrifice cannot be less than the minimum wage; you will be given the option to proceed with a lower sacrifice amount should this be the case.

Click ‘Next’ to continue once you have selected the salary sacrifice amount that suits your needs.

Step 3 of 10 (Your Details)

Enter the following information:

  • Title: your title (e.g. Mr, Mrs, Miss)
  • Forename(s): your first name and any middle names
  • Surname: your last name
  • Gender: Male/ Female
  • Date of Birth: enter your date of birth – day/month/year
  • Email: your email address
  • Confirm Email: enter your email address a second time for verification purposes
  • Postcode: enter your postcode and click ‘Find address’. Select your address from the list. If your address is not in the list or your postcode is not recognised, select ‘Add new address’
  • Tel (Home), Tel (Mobile), Tel (Work): enter at least one contact telephone number
  • How did you hear about us?: select from the list
  • Click the box below if you are happy to receive information about other Computershare products

Click ‘Next’ to continue to the next step.

Step 4 of 10 (Order Details)

Enter the following information:

  • Voucher Type: depending on the setup of your company scheme, you may have a choice of voucher type (Paper, e-Voucher or Redeem Direct) or this may be fixed
  • Salary Sacrifice Amount: shown here for information only. Tick the box if you would like us to apply the Auto Cap increase; this means that if the maximum salary sacrifice threshold is increased in the future, your order will automatically be adjusted to the revised maximum value
  • Salary Sacrifice Post-Tax: if you wish to pay any more above the maximum salary sacrifice threshold, enter the amount here; this will be deducted from your salary after tax has been paid
  • Start Date: select the first date on which you wish to purchase a voucher under the scheme
  • Number of Contributions: select the number of vouchers you wish to order under successive pay periods, or ‘Ongoing’ if you wish to order one per pay period until further notice

Click ‘Next’ to continue to the next step.

Step 5 of 10 (Children)

Enter the following information for each child. If you have more than one child you wish to register under the scheme, click ‘Add another child’. If you do not wish to enter any details about children at this stage, click ‘Skip step’.

  • Forenames: enter the first name and any middle names of the child
  • Surname: enter the child’s last name
  • Date of Birth: enter the date of birth – day/month/year
  • Gender: Male/ Female
  • Your Relationship To Child: Parent/ Legal Guardian
  • If your child has a registered disability, tick the appropriate box underneath these details

Click ‘Next’ to continue to the next step.

Step 6 of 10 (Carers)

Enter the registration number of your carer (if known) or otherwise their name and/or postcode. Click ‘Search’ and select the carer from the list of results (please note that some details may be obscured for Data Protection purposes). If you cannot locate the carer, contact the individual or organisation to obtain their registration number.

Once you have selected a carer, you have the option of adding a further carer, or removing any from the list that you have already chosen. Click ‘Next’ to continue to the next step once you have completed the selection process.

Step 7 of 10 (Vouchers)

For each voucher that you wish to order, enter the following information:

  • Carer: select the relevant carer from the list
  • Child: select the relevant child from the list
  • Denomination: the amount of the voucher in pounds
  • Payment Day (Redeem Direct vouchers only): select the appropriate payment day. For Redeem Direct vouchers, this is the date on which the carer will receive the payment. Please note that if the day in question is not a weekday, the carer will be paid on the next working day
  • Carer Reference: this will be displayed on the voucher and remittance advice

Click ‘Add voucher’ if you wish to add a further voucher. You can also click ‘Remove’ to delete previously entered voucher details. Click ‘Next’ to continue to the next step once you have created all of the voucher denominations.

Step 8 of 10 (Security)

  • Password: enter your chosen password in the ‘Password’ box, and again in the ‘Confirm Password’ box for verification. The password must consist of a minimum of eight characters, of which at least two must be numeric digits
  • Security questions: select three questions and provide the appropriate answers underneath in each instance (the answers must be at least three characters in length). These will be used to allow you to reset your password if you forget it at a later stage

Step 9 of 10 (Confirm)

This page shows all of the information that you have entered. Please double check that everything has been set up correctly and if so click ‘Confirm’, otherwise click ‘Back’ to amend details as appropriate.

Step 10 of 10 (Finish)

Your registration is now complete. This page shows your Computershare Voucher Services User ID; please note this for future reference. Click ‘Finish’ to return to the home page.