Parent Eligibility & Savings Calculator

This page allows you to determine whether or not you are eligible to join a Childcare Voucher Scheme. If eligible your estimated savings will be shown - these are for guidance only.

Your Eligibility & Savings

Enter the following information:

  • Date of Birth: enter your date of birth
  • Gross income: your income before tax is deducted. Consult your HR department if you do not know this.
    • You should include: Basic pay, contractual or guaranteed bonuses, regional allowances (such as London weighting), taxable benefits and shift allowances.
    • You should not include: performance related or discretionary bonuses, overtime payments, and earnings or benefits not subject to tax (such as pension contributions, employee share schemes or payroll charitable donations).
  • How often you are paid: choose from weekly, two weekly, four weekly, monthly or quarterly.
  • Hours you are contracted to work, per week: as defined in your contract.
  • How much would you like to sacrifice per pay period? Enter the amount in pounds that you would like to sacrifice from your pre-tax salary. The maximum amount you can sacrifice depends on how often you are paid and the rate of income tax you pay, as shown in the table.
Pay Frequency
Basic rate TaxpayerHigher rate Taxpayer
Additional rate Taxpayer
4 Weekly£220£112£88
  • Are you opted out of the State Second Pension Scheme? Consult your HR department if you are not sure.

Answer the questions and click Calculate. You will now be shown the amount you can save under the scheme. If you wish to register for Childcare Vouchers, click 'Register'.


  • The eligibility and savings shown are as a guide only, the actual savings you make will depend on your exact circumstances.
  • If you recieve the childcare element of working tax credits you should seek advice on how purchasing childcare vouchers may affect these.
  • NHS employees may wish to contact their HR department for further advice about how childcare vouchers may affect other benefits.