Step 1 of 3 (Registration Information)

Enter the following information:

  • Name of Employer: the name of your organisation
  • Switchboard/ General Number: the company’s main contact number
  • Postcode: enter your postcode and click ‘Find address’. Select your address from the list. If your address is not in the list or your postcode is not recognised, select ‘Add new address’
  • Business Sector: select the appropriate business sector from the list
  • Web Site: the address of your corporate website
  • Number of Employees: the number of staff employed by your company
  • Third Party Benefit Provider: select (if appropriate) your company’s payroll/benefit provider
  • Title: the title of the company contact (e.g. Mr, Mrs, Miss)
  • Forename(s): the first name and any middle names of the company contact
  • Surname: the last name of the company contact
  • Department: the department for whom the above contact works
  • Phone Number: phone number for the company contact
  • Alternative Phone Number: an additional phone number in case the above number is not obtainable
  • Email address: your email address
  • Confirm Email address: enter your email address a second time for verification purposes
  • How did you hear about us?: select the appropriate answer from the dropdown box. If none of the options apply, do not select an option

Click ‘Next’ to continue to the next step.

Step 2 of 3 (Registration Summary)

This page shows all of the information that you have entered. Double check that everything has been set up correctly and if so click ‘Confirm’, otherwise click ‘Back’ to amend details as appropriate.

Step 3 of 3 (Registration Confirmed)

Your registration is now complete. This page shows your Computershare Voucher Services unique reference number; please note this for future reference. Click ‘Home’ to return to the home page.